Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink Straws

Have I gone crazy???? How many pink straws can one person use? I stopped by a store yesterday and the signs said 50% off these straws-so I decided -these would be fun in the camper for the kids and then the rest I could put in a jar in the bar(with all my other jars of pink stuff!). When I got to the counter and they rung them up-they were only $.25 each-so I bought all 10! Thanks Pink crazy for sure!


  1. why not they were cheap enough!


    sorry but the sign in for some blogs is still messed up, some are fine, yours I have to do anonymous and others I can not even leave a comment

  2. Confession? I would have bought them all too!! Even though I already have a bunch of pink paper striped straws...I mean how often do you come across something PINK, you gotta get it when you can!! LOVE IT!!~~~~
    I think, "she cannot have something new and pink already?" BAM!! New post! lol


  3. Those will be perfect for pink lemonade next summer! :-)


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