Monday, October 17, 2011

Franken Berry Cereal

qThis was my favorite cereal when I was a child. The grocery stores around here didn't sell it so my Aunt and Uncle would occasionally bring me a box from Chicago when they came down to visit. The stores still don't carry it year round-just at Halloween. I bought a box last year and then couldn't eat it cause it was to sweet(gave it to my niece who loves it also!), but would like to figure out a recipe I could make with it. Any ideas? Tete suggested trying to make treats like rice krispie treats? Anybody tried that? I'm joining Spooky Monday at

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  1. Rebecca...I think it would be a great idea!
    I remember when this first came out how I pouted that my mom would NOT buy it. (to frivolous) I had the sweetest aunt, she would! I would spend the night with her just so I could wake up to pink cereal. I also loved the idea of Boo Berry...but again Frivolous. I think I will got to the store in the morning and buy about six boxes and hand them to all the little girls I know!! :)
    If you make the treats...will you share the pics? (well thats just silly, of course you will lol)
    I love that you posted this wonderful memory!!


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