Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting My Hearts on

Yesterday was one of my best friend's Halloween Birthday Party-and Alice in Wonderland Halloween Bash. I went to the store I work at and had two talented girls help with my make-up, nails and costume. Krista was the make -up artist and Tiffany did my nails(red with black hearts) and helped select the perfect option for my costume. Krista put heart cheeks, heart mole and of course and heart mouth. Check back tomorrow for my finished look!

  1. To see the Alice in Wonderland set -up Party-go here


  1. Wow! This is a different look. Checking out your new Header. This wood, white dots, and black decorative metal is cool (can I say cool and be understood? - It looks good). Your Shabby Pink World is a little less pink this morning. I'll just have to keep following to see what's next. Good to see you found a Halloween decoration that works for you. Happy Monday.

  2. How fun!! :-) Can't wait to see your picture tomorrow!


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