Saturday, May 21, 2011

PInk/Turquoise Lollipops

How fun are these? I really want to have a carnival day at the barn-so I'm stocking up on candy and supplies. You'll be seeing some of the stuff I've found over the next week. I'm hoping to get my sister's kids to come out and dress up and sell pink candy!!! How many suckers to you think are here????? ........ 240 and I only paid $1.20 for them all!!!! I know I'm crazy now! I hit a 90% off Easter sale and bought so much stuff! I only spent $5.00 and got so much candy and Easter items for next year. I thought these were too fun to pass up. I think the kids will enjoy these-until they're sick of eating them!~


  1. you silly girl...I am sure your sister will really appreciate that!!

  2. Love these little multi colored popcicles sticks. Hope your sale goes fabulous.

  3. Hi Rebecca Sweetie...
    Just had to pop over and see what you were up to this weekend. Oh no, shopping for Easter candy. What fun. These would be perfect for a baby shower with the pink and blue. Either or? What fun for someone having twins.

    My grands would keep eating until they were all gone. They just do not know when to stop.

    You should paint a little flower pot, add a piece of styrofoam to it, and poke some of these in there disguised as flowers for your sweet Grandma. They would make her day. They are so darn happy looking.

    Thanks for sharing sweetie. Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. They look so pretty... That they will taste good too is a bonus! You might have lots of them.... But they probably won't last long! X


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