Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pink Columbine-First Flowers of Spring

These little pretties were nodding their heads saying hello to me! A pretty pop of color in the midst of a sea of green. I'm ready for an explosion of color-but for now-this says-springs arrived! I'm joining Outdoor Wednesday at


  1. I need some pink, I have white, purple and orange/yellow but no pink!

  2. I sure miss having columbines in my garden...yours look so pretty and proud.


  3. Beautiful photos - lovely blog!
    So glad to have found/followed you!

  4. Beautiful1 I wish I could them to grow in my garden,but it the one plant I have no luck with. I'm so happy you came today...You said you were looking for a vintage doll with Pink hair...I may be able yo help.I do custom designs just let me know and we'll e-mail ;)


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