Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Movie "Rebecca"

I just got my present for my BDay from my BF Tete yesterday-the movie "Rebecca". It's an older one made from the book "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier. Set back in the 1930's, it's a story of romance, suspense, and jealousy. If you haven't seen this movie(or read the book-it's better!), it would be a good viewing for the wintertime. I chose this book to read for an Honor's English class I had in high school because I thought it was cool that it had my name. Little did I know until I read the book that "Rebecca" in the book was evil. Since I don't want to ruin the book for you-I'll leave it at that-Happy viewing or reading-I'm sure you'll like it! Thanks Tete!
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  1. i've never read this or seen the movie, but i've been wanting to! thanks for the suggestion!!


  2. To me back then the movies were worth seeing. I have not been to one in years. I just have not found one I wanted to see that was good and clean.

  3. Sounds interesting, love the Santa from previous post! Lezlee

  4. Rebecca,
    Thanks for visiting! And I have read the book and seen the original movie!! It was awesome. I will never forget the fiery giving away to others reading here. I have NOT seen this version. will have to look for it. I love all of the old movies. They truly were better, and really did have "epic" moving story lines and plots. There are few today that match their greatness.
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve....Gonna be up late watching that movie????
    :-) Hugs...

  5. I read this book a long time ago ... I got it for a Christmas present from a coworker at the time. I didn't know there was a movie ... I'll have to look for it, as I'd like to see it!


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