Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Christmas Present for My Parents

I was born on December 14th around 8:30 pm-the first daughter of my parents -Harold and Brenda. I was two weeks over-due and came out breech-that's what I thought of this world. My parents should have know then what was too come!!! They placed me under their christmas tree that first year!
They always tried to make my birthday special since it was so close to Christmas(you people out there who have birthdays close to Christmas know what I mean!). To see more what I mean check out my other blog at http://ellamaesbarngathering.blogspot.com/2010/12/birthday-visit-from-santa.html
Thanks Mom and Dad for making it special!


  1. Happy Birthday Rebecca! Hope it's filled with lots of love and surprises!

  2. G'morn, Rebecca ~ I popped over to the other blog & the pictures are precious! I know what you mean about Dec./holiday birthdays. Our kid-ling is Dec. 29 ...

    Happy Birthday TO you! Happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU! and may God bless you!

    Have a blessed & beautiful day, sweetie.

    Birthday hugs & Merry Christmas love ~

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!! How lovely... Your parents knew that you were their best gift to one another. My husband and I did that one year too - the year our little boy was born in December (the 5th!) It really is special to be a December baby!
    Blessings for the whole year long!!
    PS I'd love for you to visit and please be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY!!

  4. What a great post and pictures!! They got what they wanted for Christmas that year! My Dad's birthday was Dec 19th and he said his usual present was the Christmas tree at 1515.

    Have a great day!

  5. OH! Look how tiny you were, and you were late? You looked really alert too! Yes, if they had only known, all this said with love!!

  6. Thanks for your comment on our blog Rebecca and I hope you had a wonderful birthday today!
    Cathy aka GGJ

  7. Happy Birthday to you. Hope you enjoy every minutes of it. Funny we both share the same b-day. I went to HS with a friend and she and I are on FB and we sent each others B-day wishes. I don't have many baby pictures because my parents had 6 other kids before me and never have a camera.
    Enjoy your evening.


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