Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vintage Juice Glasses

I bought these pink vintage juice glasses several months ago-I couldn't resist for only $6.00.
I'm joining Vintage Thingie Thursday at 


  1. Good choice in the glasses. They look very pretty in that shade of pink. I am puzzled how you got your tree scattered all over your post.

  2. Now those are a vintage find! Cool! So good they were intact still in a set. Wonderful!

  3. What a fantastic price! I love the pink glasses too! So pretty. Happy VTT!

  4. cute glasses. By the way you said u did not see pink ornaments? Duska has a entire pink tree with tons of pinks ones on it!

  5. I have just come across your blog and see that you love pink. During my summer thrift adventures I came across some items that happen to be pink. At the time I loved them but my friends and family have convinced me not to use them. I would be so happy to gift these items to you since you love pink. You can view the pink glasses and trivet and see if you would want them. View items at;

    The offer is open, let me know.


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