Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pink Sugar Cookies

This was what was waiting for me when I got home from work at 12:30 am last nite. My oldest niece and my mother had made these especially for a late night snack for me. ( I stayed at my mother's house since I didn't get off till midnite and had to be back at work at 7:30 the next day and live 30 minutes from work). What a sweet gesture since my days haven't been the most pleasant-people can be very rude and mean during the holidays-working retail is certainly challenging. Anyway, these really perked me up!


  1. Love is just a cookie away ...

    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  2. What yummy cookies, the perfect pink treat to cheer up your day (or early morning!) x

  3. how sweet. does that not just say what the season is for? Sorry people are rude....
    Someday you will be able to really enjoy the christmas season, I hope!

  4. thanks for stopping by! Love the pink Christmas decorations...I could listen to Christmas music all year round but understand that you can get tired of it.



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