Friday, December 2, 2011

Pink Ornaments

I was talking with a lady at work(she's a friend of my Mom's) about how I haven't been able to find any vintage pink ornaments this year. She was telling me how her mother has been wanting to get rid of some of her christmas ornaments and that she would go thru them and give some to me. This is what she brought me.... Some pink small balls. Can you see all the different ornaments-cupcakes, little victorian dresses, crochet snowflakes, little lace gloves, and so much more! I was so excited! This is exactly what I used to put on my victorian tree-I may have to get that out next year or put up a small tree this year!


  1. I love when 2 needs collide and something is reused. What a great find and what a great gift. I am looking forward to seeing the tree decorated.

  2. put that tree up and enjoy it!
    sorry I bought all the pink ornaments in coles, cumberland and douglas counties! LOL

  3. Oh I love the pink decorations!!!! I used to have alot of vintage ornaments but got lost in a fire

  4. I love the pink balls, and those cupcakes are just the sweetest. Such sweet friends are the best gifts.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Those ornaments are sooo pretty, I adore the pink glass baubles! X


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