Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine Gift from My Best Friend -Tete

I didn't know that my best friend Tete was getting me anything for Valentine's Day-she told me we would exchange gifts for Easter -so I was pleasantly surprised at all the fun stuff. The true story I learned was the her Darling Husband-Steve-picked out these items for me(he always does such a special job with her gifts! She gave him some instructions-Pink Items of course-and a basket to put everything in. He found the perfectly pink pancake mix on his own(he did good on that-since it was my favorite find this Valentine's Day!) and the other little goodies were so cute -I love it all!!-Thanks Steve! And a special handmade card from Tete! The cute little box has hersey kisses and I LOVE anything with reeses! You are both Awesome -and I love you both!


  1. Hey, girlfriend- snuck in here a did some things for you! SURPRISE! If you don't like it, let me know. Worked on the other one too.


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