Sunday, February 6, 2011

Almost a week with No power!

Well-finally our power is back on after it being off since Monday nite at 8:00. My husband was prepared for it, but we didn't think it would happen so soon. He had stock-piled wood(we put in a wood-burning stove a couple of years ago-Thank God!), filled 5-15 gallon buckets of water for flushing the toilet, had every pitcher and container full of water for drinking and washing our hands, bought lots of junk food that didn't need to be heated up(we usually eat healthy), I had just gotten At &T wireless service for my new Ipad, charged up the cell phones, got kerosene for the kerosene heaters and gotten out oil lamps and candles. It seemed like an adventure at first-but it got old after a few days. We took showers at his sisters(although I did try a sponge bath one day-too much soap used and then I couldn't get it all off!) and I still went to work each day. I loved feeling kinda like I was living in the 1800's-but so ready to catch up on everyone's blogs!
Bought this valentine postcard a few weeks ago-love the simplicity of it!


  1. so glad your electric is back on...I can't even imagine!

  2. Hi Rebecca, sounds like y'all were really prepared for the weather, we were without electric for a little while, but didn't last long! Love your Valentine card! I was wanting to check with you and make sure that you received you package, just let me know when you get a minute!
    hugs~~~ Daphne


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