Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pink Dog Booties

I saw these adorable dog booties yesterday and just had to buy them for my Miss Maggie Mae, but she didn't seem to like them-she kept saying-"Why Mom?" So I will probably have to take them back. Does anyone's dog out there wear these?


  1. Haha, she's too cute Rebecca! She may not like them but they're great fun. We tried a little sweater on our dog and she just hated it. So we gave up, even though she looked adorable. She got so annoyed. lol

  2. She is so cute! She needs a tutu though.

  3. So cute-my dog Lola Mae came home from the pound with a pink sweater. She looked so cute!
    Thanks for your comments, Rebecca....you made me feel like I'm not the only one feeling a little overwhelmed by family not getting the blogging thing sometimes....

  4. Oh, my, gosh... Maggie May is WAY TOO CUTE! Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for viviting my blog and leaving such a nice comment... I really appreciate it.

  5. Love it Rebecca! Scarlet acts like she needs boots, but I know she'd give me the same look as Maggie Mae!

  6. Cute! My dogs have boots. I put them on when it's crusty-snowy outside, to keep their paws from getting scraped and cut. The dogs HATE them, but I hate sore dog feet ... so they wear them. No one, not even the dogs, argues with Mom. :)


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