Monday, November 1, 2010

My Mary Kay Mini Fridge

My sister picked this up along side the road a couple of years ago(she doesn't usually do that-she missed a chandelier today!)(I'm more like my dad-I'll stop for anything!). It didn't work, but my dad was able to break out the small piece of the fan(you can see it in the picture) so that you can put your finger in there and start the fan going-and then it works!!! You can plug it into the car with an adapter and use it for cold or hot and it holds about 6 cans of soda! Pretty good for a free find-good job sis and dad!


  1. Nice!! Only you could have gotten that, and yes, great job sister!

  2. Sorry, I am running behind this week.

    I loved your pink Halloween post. I buy those dog outfits to place on Hootie (the concrete owl in my front yard).

    But, you should have saved this pink fridge for the next PS. This is a great find. I have a cousin that is a May Kay Rep and she has one of these. Saves stopping for cokes when on the road. And, she will place a sandwich or salad in it for lunch on busy days.

    Thanks for visiting my pink leafy carpet.

  3. That's crazy. It's great to have a pink frig! :)
    Thanks for visiting my fall post and leaving a comment. I'm having a CSN giveaway if you want to sign up.
    ~ Julie

  4. How cute is this!!!!! I used to be a Mary Kay Lady...but I don't think I sold a thing! I just loved all the pink!!!!!:)

  5. Happy Belated Pink Saturday! I am trying to visit as many as possible! You find the most unique things! Love this - my mother-in-law sells Mary Kay and I did over 20 years ago - yikes-dating myself - loved Mary Kay and her gift to us,
    This is a cool treasure!

  6. So cute!!! LOVE the pink :)


    PS. Your comment on my blog was so sweet. Totally made my night :)

  7. Love the cute little pink Fridge!!!! What a neat find.

  8. A Mary Kay pink refrigerator? Now that's hysterical! I too will stop for just about anything! Oh, I read that you don't have a Hobby Lobby near you, wow, I would be lost without Hob Lob! Hope you have Michael's!

  9. Too cute! I have a Mary Kay friend, she would get a kick out of this cooler. So great that you can use it now.


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