Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Little Sparkly Surprise Tree

I've been feeling a little down lately-we all go thru it-I won't go into the details-it's nothing serious. I just haven't been able to shake it. I wake up during the nite several times(I usually sleep very soundly!) and can't get the bad thoughts out of my mind. I pray and I sing worship songs to God(in my head of course-wouldn't want my husband to think I'm crazy!). Last nite it seemed worse, so I was not looking forward to work, being tired and all. A co-worker of mine(our visual manager) had told me yesterday that she had something for me. I came into my office and this little sparkly surprise was sitting there! It totally changed my day-just brightened it up. Then within the hour-another co-worker had another gift for me-she couldn't wait until Christmas-it's pink and I'll post it tomorrow!


  1. Your probably in a post Halloween blues! Most of us get it after christmas! I have days I just do not want to go to work either..even though I like my job and the people. I guess we want to stay at home and nest!

    Glad u have people to brighten your day! Hope you get a good night sleep...take care

  2. Good point Ann makes. I used to get that way when I worked retail..The highs and lows of seaons. Anyhoo, this is wonderful that people think about you when they see something prettily pink :)

  3. Very cute pink sparkly tree.. What a wonderful pick me up for you. Hope it all gets better for you very soon.Ann

  4. Isn't it just like our God to send you sweet gifts to cheer you up :) Makes me smile to know He's watching over you in this hard time. Thanks for sharing ~ it helps to remind me to keep my eyes focused on Him and to sing His praises.

  5. What a sweet pink tree and tractor and even sweeter that they came just when you needed them! Isn't God good!!!!

  6. That little tree would do the trick! I DO think we ALL go thru this, sometimes it's just hormones I think, blah...
    big hugs,


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