Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Attire

This pic is from yesterday afternoon(I'd been up since 3am and worked a 14 hour day so I look a little tired!). All the associates got to wear jeans and tennis shoes and holiday shirts. My friend Rachel surprised me and wore a santa hat(she usually doesn't do that kind of thing-but she looks pretty cute!). I had on my new sneakers(I'll show you a pic tomorrow-they really saved my feet and legs!) and a pink/white striped shirt that had Lucy saying in silver glitter-I'll kiss you after you give me the present! I decided to top my holiday outfit off with a ribbon belt and silver glitter in my hair and a pink and silver present bow in my hair-I love dressing up silly for the holidays-makes everyone smile!


  1. sorry u had to work so many hrs! I can relate some days!

    love your background with the pink trees and the lady with the mink!

  2. What great smiles! Thanks for the Pink Saturday visit...Hope Black Friday was an indication of good things to come for our economy. Have a very Pink Week!

  3. Rebecca, you always look adorable, even in goth! You have such a pretty smile:)

  4. That was a loooooong shift on your feet! I bet you were tired!! You and your friend look adorable!

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, Rebecca. Be sure to link your post by using the linking tool at the bottom of my post.

    You girls look adorable. I love the Black Friday attire.

  6. You and friend look cute on such a black day. I never get into all that.

  7. I left an earlier comment. Not sure if it went through. I do goof now and then.

  8. Hi Rebecca,

    You look great anytime!
    14 hours of the crazy
    crowds..oh my! Hope it
    was a happy bunch of
    customers..things seem
    to get crazier in retail
    every year at this time.

    Have a wonderful {pink} day
    and thanks so much for
    visiting with me.

    Stephanie ♥


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