Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pink Mitten Collection

Love these two toned ones!
I thought I would share with you my vintage children's pink mitten collection. Of course I love all children's mittens( ), but the pink one's are extra special! This pair is the pinkest of them all! These are the ones Tete bought me for Christmas!

I picked these up this fall for only $3 and I hang them on the doorknob!

I don't think these are old-but they're fun!

And the best for last- I bought this baby outfit several years ago at an antique store and had forgot about it. The set was packed away in a pink box! Isn't it precious!

I'm joining Tete's Second Hand Collection at


  1. How adorable and an interesting collection.

  2. Very cute mittens but that baby outfit is just adorable! Love those leggings!!

  3. Hi Rebecca Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share this evening. I love your collection of mittens. The ones that Tete bought you for Christmas are SO beautiful. What a special gift of love.

    Now that little set just stole my heart. Is that not precious? I am so tickled you found that little box of sweet pinkness to share tonight.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  4. You have a nice variety of mittens. I like the bright pink ones best.

  5. That first pic is my favorite...I love it! You have a fabulous blog!

  6. Ive seen Ella Mae's mitten collections too. Yours are so sweet and adorable!

  7. I like collecting mittens too but I only have a few, I have a pair of wool mitts that my Grandmother knitted. Thanks for sharing!


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