Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pink Cake Toppers

I keep pictures of things that I'm looking for on my Ipad and when I go antiquing I take it along. A week ago I was junkin and found something that was on my wish list....Pink cake toppers. They were the exact ones I had a picture of on my Ipad...I got them for $5.00. Can you see the Santa in the sleigh with reindeer? I only got one of him, but that will do!

All the dancing ladies...won't that be fun!

Can you see the little cowboy?

I'm joining Vintage Thingie Thursday at


  1. Oh, that cowboy is for me! :) I am in awe how many wonderful pink things you find!

    Have a great Thursday, Rebecca.


  2. how fune...I really want to go shopping with you one day! where do u find this stuff at the prices u do?

  3. You found just the right things for your creative mind.

  4. You will have fun with these toppers. Are they the perfect size for cupcakes?

  5. I can't remember these - - - I think I ALMOST remember them, but not quite and I'm SURE I'm old enough that I SHOULD remember them - - - -

    Fun stuff!

  6. what great finds! I love the color. Happy VTT

  7. Oh, those are from a vintage mail order co. maybe the 60's I think it was something like: 100 Dolls for $1.00

    What a fun & fabulous find & PINK!

  8. I've never seen those, but I have a set of pink plastic birthday candleholders that my mother put on my cake every year for as long as I can remember. I must have been really young when she got them.

    Love your idea of putting pictures of what you're looking for on your iPad! I must start doing that!


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