Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pink Auto Emergency Kit

I still can't believe I found this pink roadside emergency kit in pink. It was in the very far back of a little junk/convenience store in a very small town and there was only one(it was waiting for a pink lover!) Can you see the price .....$ 6.39-can you believe that!

The little bag is cute too!! Do you see the white gloves they put in the kit? How could they! The kit needs pink gloves! But remember the gloves I bought from the Dollar Tree the other day? They match perfectly! Just wish the jumper cables were pink-but if they work-that's all that matters! And did you see that the tools all have pink handles-even the electrical tape and ice scraper are pink!

You never know what you'll find out there~


  1. Now thats a fantastic kit for all us girls. Love it--great searching in all those corners!!

  2. I love mail and today I LOVED my mail. The scarf is wonderful, you know brown is the new black! The popcorn and movies, and new mugs are fantastic. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for making my day! ♥♥


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