Monday, June 27, 2011

Yummy Pink Iced Cookie Bars

I made two pans of cookie bars(along with several other items) to take camping this past weekend. I didn't ice them beforehand because I thought the twins would want to do that and that my littlest niece would want to put on the sprinkles.

My niece acting silly-but I do love to see them having fun! Putting the icing on!

My oldest niece putting sprinkles on one of the cookie bars Getting some help with icing the cookie bars from Nana on the other cookie bar Adding the sprinkles Getting to lick the spatula Yummy Icing

And they were soooooo Good!


  1. OMG, that does look so yummy!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  2. I LOVE those pics! What glorious memories for you all to share.... good times, good food, good company and perfect pink icing!!!! X


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