Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing Baseball

This is my niece getting ready to play ball! Isn't she beautiful! Nine years old and growing up fast! She loves to act silly. She knows I love pink so she had to show me her pink Gatorade.

Then some other girls had to get into the act! Her twin brother is in the red-he doesn't play until Monday-in the tournament!

Here she is with a pink bat-she's also got pink on her gloves and on her shoes, and you may see a pink hard hat in the background. She's always making funny faces-must be the age! Her little sister is on the right hand side. She likes to sneak in the dugout and I've been told that she's been kissing on the little boy on the left. She's on only 2 1/2 but she's a little pill(and we all love to hold her-when we can!)

They lost-but it was a good game. She played soooo good. A hit every time which is so much better than most of the girls and she's good in the field too. I like to say she's like I was-a little tomboy, but still a girly-girl!

I so enjoyed seeing the girls play. It brings back memories for me but I so enjoyed seeing my niece play ball-She did GREAT!

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