Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pink Striped Hat Box

Found this last Saturday when I went antiquing with a new friend-had to have it-$8.00. Saw a couple of others that I will probably be going back for. Always looking for storage this time of year and these fit two of my requirements-pink and old!

I've given myself a challenge for the next couple of weeks to go through my house and really look at what I can part with -so far-I've came up with 5 items each nite for the past 3 nites-not bad and I haven't even started on the really bad(crowded) rooms. I really need to do this with all the goodies that I've been bringing in!


  1. ohhhhh ... i must do this too! i dread it because i hate to part with anything ... but my house is bursting at the seams, and there are so many goodies out there to buy yet, so i must get rid of some things!

    i LOVE your hat box ... i would definitely get rid of something to make room for that!

    have a lovely day!

  2. Great find...love it
    Have a Blessed day

  3. That's a beauty, so pretty and feminine and pink!! I LOVE it!! Great find. Oh no...it's hard to part with goodies....I feel your pain on that one. :) Have a super day.

  4. That is a great hat box and such a fun storage idea. I also like your idea of going through the house and eliminating so many ideas a day. I need to do this and it would make me feel better about all the things I bring into the house too.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  5. well i will take that for the bedroom at 1515 if you don't want it! LOL I know your making room for the treasures you find!

  6. This is really pretty. I quite a few red hats for my group but I really enjoy storing other stuff too. I love the soft stripes.


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