Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun Magnets

Picked up these fun magnets at the antique mall the other day for $2.00 for my office(I think I'm getting younger instead of older!). I couldn't resist them and since I don't do this cutsy stuff at home-I have been taking it to work! I thought these drink ones were so neat!
Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. I wanted to see the Pink hair today!

  2. Those ARE cute!! I don't think I'll ever act my age OR dress my age....I'll be the only one in the nursing home with a pink blinged up walker, skinny jeans and my pink cowgirl boots on!!!! Love the adorable magnets!! Have a beautiful day!!!

  3. You mean you don't have your cute pink stuff around the house? Only at your shop and when you are camping? wow. The magnets are adorable and fun. I'm the same way...getting younger rather than older. In the movie Swan Lake the ballerina's room is all pink and girly and I was that's my room lol. It was showing that her mom wanted to keep her like a little girl. For me, I'm healing my little girl and big girl with my pink.


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