Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink 3 Wheeled Scooter

My sister call me last night wanting me to look at this -she says she found it on sale ($2000)in Florida (we live in Illinois)and that her husband has already to check on it and if she wants it he'll go to Florida to get it for her. Well- my husband wouldn't even think about doing something liek that for me. He doesn't even buy me presents-for anything. Don't get me wrong-he's a wonderful man-but if I want something I've got to figure out how to get it myself!
Now my sister really likes pink like me-in fact she says since she's been a kid she's liked pink-longer than me. But she not as obsessive about it-wanting everything to be pink I say. I almost bought a pink scooter last year, but living in the country I couldn't justify it on the country roads. I can't ride it to town-too dangerous-and wouldn't be able to haul all my treasures I find on it. Why would I want a scooter even if it's pink. But she call me back and says she's found a place where we both could get one for $2500 for both and free shipping. She tells me that I can put a hitch on it and pull 200 pounds. She's got me thinking about it. I still think I'd rather have a pink golf cart though. We're would my grandma(Ella Mae) and her sister(Aunt Anne) ride when we're going back and forth from the house to the barn on this thing?

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