Monday, June 28, 2010

Fine Ride!

Well, when the cat's away the mice will play or at least take my mom's Volkswagen convertible. Finally I get to drive it after several years. It all started with our last camping trip when my dad brought up that the girls(my sister and I) never get to drive it. Well, she's (my mom) always driving it or when we would mention it-it was not an option. Within one week of the conversation my mom and dad were going on a short trip and my mom had called to say I could drive it. YEH! No time to waste. I took it too work and took all the managers to lunch and after work decided I needed to drive it home. Nothing like the free feeling of driving with the top off! Only too bad it's not PINK. Thanks Mom-hope you had a good trip!


  1. That is one sweet ride! I'm glad you had fu driving it1

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. We used to live in the Rockford area of Illinois. Now we live in Las Vegas....sooooooo very different. I miss the country!

  2. That little car looks good in every color I have seen it in. And yes, pink would be awesome. I drive a convertible too and just love it:)
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  3. Yeah Whoo..Glad you had a good time in your mom's red car!

  4. I love the punch bug. I had a powder blue one when I graduated high school. As much as it was terrible on heat and air it was a wonderful car.


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