Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Father's Day Story

Friday nite -we were camping-I put out a lot of stuff when I go along with an awning that is made of cloth and not vinyl. My husband called me about 10:00 to tell me that there were severe storms in the area and they would arrive sometime between midnite and 3:00 am. I was too tired(from all the heat) to prepare for it. I did say a prayer-please God don't let the storms hit us at the campground. I thought that would suffice. I went to sleep without another thought about it. At around 12:15 I was awakened with the horrible sound of thunder(at least it's horrible when you're camping with tons of stuff everywere). I jumped up, thru on some pants, and went outside to try and get inside what I could. Not even a minute after I was outside-here comes my dad. The odds of him seeing my lights go on from a few campsites away is nothing but God sent. He was asleep and there are several trees between us, but God woke him up and there he was to help me and he didn't even say a thing about all my stuff. He just went to work with me to get as much in as possible! That's what Father's are made of -unconditional love and always a helping hand-just like our Father above!

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