Sunday, June 27, 2010

Auntie Jo's Treasures

My husband's Auntie Jo has moved into a retirement home and she is going thru the items that she cannot take. She doesn't have any kids-just neices and nephews who are helping her sort out and decide where everything will go. She is a great family historian and has saved many family items. We've been lucky to get some items from the Zimmerman's who built and lived in our house. I'll post those later. Here are some items I was able to bring home. More tomorrow! An old blue scale-I snatched this up for our blue kitchen.

Lots of little vintage items-Easter and Christmas. Notice the circus elephant!

Love these books. Mary Joan Coon written on the inside -1929 and 1930. The Beacon Primer-an old school book. The Kelpies -which I think is like the old Fairy Books. Little Eskimo and a book on How to Decorate Halls-Booths and Automobiles from 1923- a really neat book!

Already thinking about Halloween-saw these items and couldn't resist.

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