Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Play and a Magic Show

I started a tradition that my sister's twins and my brother in law's neice and also one of my good friends daughters come up with a play for the family that they do on Saturday nite. I bring the props and costumes-and they come up with the ideas with a little help from me. These kids really have some great ideas for plays with great moral ideas. I'm very proud of them! We started off with a circus theme because I had costumes that would only fit each of them this year(they grow so fast~!). They each let me apply stage make-up and we let the family know. The great thing this year was -we had a lot of other campers come-the kids were so excited about it. I strung a clothesline with pink striped sheets across a volleyball net and they had their curtain to dress and put their props behind. The circus clowns have come to town-Little Maggie Mae did some tricks for treats-jumping thru a boa covered hoop, jumping over a baton, and doing a little twirl-she's not very good at it, but she looked so good in her clown costume-along with all the other clowns!~

The Girls Play-Rich Ladies fighting over a little Fairy they found~and the fairy told them to get along!

Our little magicians-they all had a great little magic trick! The end of the show-always over too soon for all their hard work!

At the end we all dressed up like witches(and a vampire!) and walked the campground -even little Maggie had her witch's costume on(I'll post a better picture of her next week)!

If you're ever out camping -your kids are welcome to join in ( I heard one lady tell me the next day that her grand-daughter went back to their campsite doing a puppet show and trying some magic tricks!) or come and have fun watching!

Great Job kids-you make camping even more Fun-wish you didn't have to grow up-then again-I haven't!


  1. How much fun is that?!? Looks like a blast, if you ask me. And the little dog, oh, I just love it!! The kids look adorable!

  2. So cute Rebecca. And a fun creative idea.

  3. This is so so cute...and soooo good for the kids. It builds, among other qualities, confidence and self assurance...just priceless for kiddos to learn...
    xo bj

  4. What a darling idea! This reminds me of things I used to do--wow--this is just great. Thank you for sharing! lol You made my morning.

  5. How cute! Thanks for dropping in to my site on Pink Saturday. Have a fun Halloween!

  6. SO cute and love the clowns... I was invited to a party two years ago and didn't know what to be and I knew we had hospital scrubs but no booties and gloves. As I was looking in the old dresser drawers that we keep holidays stuffs handy. THere it is a bunch of Holidays hats, pins and I have a few holiday painted sweatshirts and handmade vest. So there I went as "HAPPY ALL HOLIDAYS".There is an idea. I also had Mardi Gras beads and St. Patrick's Day headband. SO, glad the kids had fun.
    Have a great week!


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