Thursday, September 22, 2011

Helping Hand

When I was out junking this past Saturday-I came across this vintage hand. You may know that I collect hands(my first real collection!) and had to have this one-I got it for only $.25. Look at that man's expression! Look at the lady watching the hand on the table

Here are the instructions

It worked just like it said it would too!

When you turn it over-the nails are PINK!!!! I'm joining Vintage Thingie Thursday at


  1. This is new for me as to collecting. Never have known anyone to collect hands. Very interesting.

  2. That hand is too funny ! Thanks for sharing. Loved the box too.
    - Joy

  3. I think it must be fun using it, right?

  4. What an unusual thing to find. Perfect for a hand collection for sure. I love the graphics on the box, really cute. Happy VTT!

  5. I'm not into body parts, but in the spirit of Halloween and the Adams Family I'll be happy if you're happy. Enjoy the extra hand.


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