Monday, July 25, 2011

Pink Trike

Do you remember my post on July 8th of last year? Well, I do. My brother in law called to ask if my husband wanted to go in and buy a trike for me so we could get a better deal(buying two wasn't that much more than one!) My husband (as always) said that I didn't need one. He now denies that-but believe me-I remember each and every time he says this. If it's something for the farm-by all means-we have to have it!

I guess I don't rate as high as my sister does to her husband cause he bought her one this year for her birthday! Her wonderful husband even bought her a pink/black jacket and the cutest helmet with butterflies on it! Doesn't she look cute!

And you should see her ride it (I took a video of that but it takes so long to load).



  1. FUN!!!! I want one too! of course I want mine in pink too.....(called hubby to come up stairs to see your post).....hubby said NO! :O/ can't blame a girl for trying....Have a nice evening! hugs, Jennifer

  2. How fun, Rebecca ... & pink to boot! Love it! Go snuggle up to your DH, chuckle!
    Have a wonderful week ~
    TTFN ~

  3. Now thats just adorable. Those men sometimes can be such stinkers!!


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