Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting Ready for The Party

Setting up the tables and chairs for 50 people is quite a task. We're just in the beginning phases. I'll be posting more each day till Saturday!

I'm joining Outdoor Wednesday at


  1. That's looks so pretty and peaceful!

  2. I know how hard you are working. Your home is idelic for this. So peaceful up on the knoll, the white buildings, the picket fence, the corn fields. It takes me back in time to think, this is what the Galbreath reunion was like 100 years ago when they had it in my great grandparents Elm grove.

    It also looks like a picture out of Country Living magazine....

  3. It's truly going to be beautiful!!! Ditto on the above poster... it looks like it's right out of country living magazine! Have a wonderful time this weekend!!!


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