Friday, March 18, 2011

Vintage Pink Items

I have a small landing at the top of the stairs(enough room for 2 chairs and a couch) where I have it set up for a reading area(not that I've ever used it!). Can you see why-all the chairs are already taken! I bought this sweet doll off a junk lady years ago-she's got a little pink vintage pipe cleaner dog next to her-I think she looks pretty cozy! Also some of my pink cushion heart collection.


  1. You are killing me!!
    Love the chair, the doll and the pillow!! All are definitely my taste!!


  2. Tell your doll to move over. I'm on my way over, with a good book to sit in that comfy chair:) Have a great weekend:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Hi Rebecca-thanks for your comments on my Japan post.
    That doll looks awfully cozy on that great chair!

  4. Sweet doll and I love your cushion heart collection! Thanks for joining JFF this week. hugs, Linda

  5. Hey Rebecca, Fancy meeting You here, funny aren't I.... I am at My Daughter's today & so Happy to be Playing on the computer ~ I Just Love that Old Boudior Doll (sorry if I spelled that wrong)
    Miss Ya

  6. Hi Rebecca! That's a pretty chair and Your doll is wonderful! never saw a dog made out of pipe cleaners, how cute is that...Your heart pillows are beautiful too, I can remember my grandmother making pillows like that...speaking of grandmothers your gandmother looked so sweet with the bow for St patty's day!!!...Have a wonderful weekend and if you would like, stop by my blog and join my giveaway! hugs, Jennifer

  7. I so love your home!! Love your reading corner. The doll is going to have to find another chair if I come over! LOL

  8. Hi Rebecca! What fun! Love the whole theme of your blog. Very original.


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