Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Pink & White Basket

The story about this pink basket :

I stopped by my friend Tete's house last nite before church because I was telling her how awful of a headache I had yesterday. Now I don't get sick or get headaches(like I've not missed a day of work in 14 years, didn't miss one day of school-I'm just lucky I guess). This one was so bad-I thought-maybe I need to go to the hospital(by the way-I don't like hospitals or doctors). This headache felt almost as bad as the kidney stone I had 17 years ago(if you've had a kidney stone-you'd understand). I threw up a couple of times and felt like my head would explode. No other symptoms. She told me to come on by-she wanted to look at my neck. She did this pop thing on it and it gave me some relief(I've never been to the chiropractor-but she thinks I should to get adjusted).
Anyway, as I was leaving-she handed me this cute little basket and then told me that Craig (her 25 year old Son) had picked it out for me and that I should give him a kiss. I think he was a little nervous-unsure what I would do or where I would kiss him-so I walked over(he was sitting on the floor), pushed back his bangs and planted one right on his forehead.
Didn't think much about it until I called Tete back after church-and she precedes to tell me that the guys(her husband and son) were arguing about who bought me the cute pink basket. Steve(her husband) apparently picked it out, but Craig ended up buying it.
So.....................looks like Steve's got a BIG KISS coming-He better watch out cause when he least expects it-I'm gonna grab him and plant one on!
(BTW-Tete's in on this one!)


  1. cute story, but I want to see those jeans with the lace on them!


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