Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh Little Christmas Tree

Since I don't put a tree up in the house-I decided to put one up in my office. I actually have had this tree in there because a co-worker borrowed it to use as a money tree-where you clip money to it for showers. I found some decorations I had picked up over the last few years and don't use at home(I guess I bought them because they were pink!) and decided to take them to work. I know it's crazy-but I really don't use any pink in my home-even though it's my favorite color! I still have a few things to add to the tree-but it brings a little whimsical cheer to my office! The clock pics(there are four total) I put up when I first got the job of HR manager-I thought it was need since I managed all the time punches.


  1. I thought of u because Kohls has a pink tree for sale!

  2. Cute PINKness for your office ~ I brought some things to my office today...we spend so many hours here, why not make it a happy place :)

  3. OOOOoooooh NO!

    My hero!!! I kept reading you blog and found out we even shared a birthday!! lol Mine is also Dec. 14. I thought this is so weird, She likes and adores about everything I do. Sparkles and glitter and PINK EVERYTHING!!! and now I find out she doesn't put up a tree at her house OH MY!!! I am crushed! jk

    In my 1000 sq ft house I put up 20 or so trees, mostly decorated in pink! I know you will appreciate this though others laugh and call me crazy, but all that pink is :*~total magic:*~

    Working retail (as I used to do also) I imagine there is very little time for this and sometimes very little spirit left at times. Love the vintage pink ornaments you have!!!


    ps maybe you would like some more?


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