Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Work on the Camper

After our camping trip on the weekend of July 24th-we all decided that a lot needed to be done to my old 1972 camper. The lights didn't work-they kept blowing fuses in the truck so we took it down to our local KOA campground where Ron the mechanic there was able to figure out the problem was in the wiring in the small running lights and fix the problem for good-YEH. I won't have to worry about being pulled over by a policeman for no lights or rear-ended! Then I had one tire that wouldn't hold air(maybe it's all the stuff I have in the camper my parents said). Well, I love and need that pink stuff so my husband went and got me a new tire. Then last Friday we set off for another weekend of camping, only this time to relax(no more contests!). I had told my dad that I had a hole in the front part of the camper. As you know, he's my fix it man. He got all his tools and got it fixed from the outside for now and then added new white stripping to the front(it looks so much nicer). Thanks guys for all the help you give me-I really appreciate it- and so does my little pink camper!

1 comment:

  1. Well camping is fun...and it is even better when the light work...glad you got them fixed!


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