Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trellises in My Yard

My favorite-pink-bought from Forevermore Antiques at the Brocton Red Barn.
These are 3 old screen savers from screen doors-I use them in my fairy rose garden.

I bought 4 trellises from a friend's garage sale-ready to be painted-white? This trellis is a cast iron window gate from an old building on the Oakland square.

My husband built this for me a few years after we were married. I walk-thru between the orange tiger lilies and an entrance to my white garden. It used to have white clematis growing on it.

I bought this one from the FFA kids-the kids used to make these every year.

Another one from the FFA kids.

On one side of the outhouse.

The back of the outhouse-recently repaired.

The other side of the outhouse.

The side of the smokehouse.

Love this one-bought last year at a friend's garage sale.

I love old trellises. I love the architecture of them. I use them all over my yard. Sometimes I have something growing on them, but most of the time- I love them just for their unique look.

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